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We live in interesting times and one of unparalleled opportunity. Compared to the first five years of this decade the latter three years have seen more people showing the courage to pursue their dreams and the funding that has been available for these entrepreneurs has been unprecedented. Despite great ideas and funding, a number of startups fail to achieve their true potential due to one single factor - inability to find paying clients for their products and services.  Effective Execution of a go-to-market strategy, in our opinion and amongst other things, needs three things to succeed - Purpose, People and Partnerships. Being 8 is a growth partnership that can help startups in the below segments find paying clients for their products and services.

Educational Technology

We are keen to connect educational institutions with technology that will help them focus on the primary reason why they were founded - make schools a fun place for children to learn. We are keen to take to market technology that enables the above either directly or by simplifying the many administrative tasks that take teachers away from teaching.

Talent Technology

Talent Technology, Campus Hiring, New Grad Opportunities, Internships,

We believe there is a significant gap in technology that seamlessly helps connect talent with opportunity. Our interest is in promoting technology that helps organisations find the right early (intern and graduate opportunities) and post retirement talent in the most seamless manner. 

About Us

Being 8 is an outcomes focussed growth partnership set up with the objective of helping startups globally find paying clients for their products and services in India and Malaysia.

Based out of Bangalore and Kuala Lumpur our current focus is India, Malaysia and Australia. We have deep connections in these markets and  can bring this expertise to bear to benefit our partners.


We use a number of different models including institutional, government and reseller sales channels. We appreciate that each business is different and tailor our approach to suit the specific business's need.

What next?

We would be thrilled to have a discussion with a view to exploring how Being 8 can add value to your business. Please contact us partner@being8.com